Clubs and Pubs Manager

Quarterly Publication
Clubs and Pubs Manager

Clubs and Pubs Manager magazine fulfils an industry need by communicating vital information to a receptive readership at the forefront of developments to this $10-billion-per-year sector, which employs more than 60,000 people.

Since its official launch in December 2011, Clubs and Pubs Manager magazine has steadily gained a growing audience of CEOs, directors, board members, venue managers, catering managers, and chefs of hotels and clubs, making this journal a popular tool and go-to guide for those in the industry.

Targeting a specific area of hospitality, this magazine covers various topics affecting clubs and pubs, such as gaming laws and regulations, interiors and architectural design, the latest news and trends affecting the industry, venue security, entertainment, and education and training, just to name a few.

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